October 22, 2021

Will and Emily's Western Wedding at Wildhorse Ranch

Wedding, Wildhorse Ranch, Western

Wildhorse Ranch is a beautiful property that sits over Trail Creek Summit just outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. To get to the Wildhorse Ranch, you have to take a pretty sporty dirt road over a rough pass that many cars do not make it over. There is no cell service in the area and it is definitely the path less traveled. But, if you know Will and Emily, you know that their whole lifestyle is around taking the road less traveled. As ski patrollers and firefighters, these two live and breathe the outdoors and live in Sun Valley because of its incredible outdoor access.

Once you reach the entry to Wildhorse Ranch, you enter an oasis amidst the sagebrush. With a pool, guest cabins, and plenty of wide open spaces, this location for a western wedding is a photographers dream. Many guests chose to get ready in the designated camping zone and everyone (myself included) spent the night under the stars. It was such an amazing night and Emily and Will were up for all my antics - like stealing them away during dinner to capture some golden light. Let's just saw it was worth it. I hope to book another wedding at Wildhorse Ranch soon and highly recommend it for anyone looking to ditch the phones and reconnect with your loved ones up in the mountains of Idaho. Cowboy boots mandatory.