December 12, 2023

The Best Wedding Venues in Sun Valley Idaho

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This is a blog I've been excited to write for a long time! I grew up in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho and have been a professional photographer since 2017 in the area. Some of my time was spent working in resort marketing which gave me the ability to understand the best locations for weddings in the area. Nestled in the stunning Sawtooth Mountains, Sun Valley offers a plethora of enchanting wedding venues, each providing a unique backdrop for your special day. From the timeless elegance of Sun Valley Resort to the rustic charm of Trail Creek Cabin, here is my list for the best wedding venues in Sun Valley. Plus, elevate your Sun Valley, Idaho wedding experience with our exceptional wedding photography services, perfectly tailored to complement the charm of the region's best venues.

1. Roundhouse Lodge

One of Sun Valley Resort's most iconic ceremony receptions, Roundhouse Lodge boasts 360 degree views of the mountains - including my favorite range in the area, the Pioneers. The gondola ride to the ceremony site makes for quite the entrance, and you can choose from many of Sun Valley Resort's epic lodges for your reception venue such as River Run Lodge!

2. Central idaho 4h camp

One of the best kept secrets in the surrounding Sun Valley area is the Central Idaho 4H Camp. If you're looking for a fun summer camp vibe with epic scenery and easily accessed activities, this is the venue for you! Cabins and camping are plenty and the ceremony site is absolutely stunning with enormous views of the Boulder Mountains. Including a commercial kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining area and no cell service, this wedding venue never disappoints from spring until fall.

3. Trail creek cabin

Trail Creek Cabin is an absolute classic when it comes to Sun Valley Wedding Venues. The wedding team at Sun Valley never disappoints - the big benefit of using this venue is that it's almost all inclusive when it comes to furnishings, tent, food, and alcohol making it an easy one stop shop. The baldy views are breathtaking and transportation to and from town is amazing. Plus, the iconic Trail Creek bridge is a favorite for first look locations!

4. Sawtooth meditation chapel

We love this Stanley, Idaho wedding venue! The views of the Sawtooths are unbeatable and the proximity to the town of Stanley is perfect. A 10 minute walk to downtown makes this a perfect easy summer option. The outdoor venue is the driving feature, however the chapel is beautiful and perfect place to hide away before the grand entrance.

5. Galena Lodge

Galena Lodge is a spectacular wedding venue just north of Ketchum, Idaho about 30 minutes. There's no cell phone reception, so if being connected with social media is on your list - you might want to skip this one! We however love a no-phone experience (you can leave the photos to us anyways). Galena Lodge is renown for their home-cooked food and breathtaking views of the Boulder Mountains and Galena Peak. The ceremony site, Senate Meadows, has plenty of room and options for newlywed photos. This one is definitely a top wedding venue in the Sun Valley area!

Image courtesy of Bramble & Vine.

6. River Run Lodge

A Sun Valley classic, the River Run Lodge is a spacious wedding venue with indoor and outdoor opportunities for a welcome dinner, reception, or ceremony. The rustic feel give a vintage ski lodge vibe that we love! This venue is equipped with an epic sound system and stage for live bands and can host quite the dance party. If you're looking for a good space to boogie, this venue is for you! Plus, the Sun Valley staff always nails the food and bar. One of the best venues in Sun Valley for sure!

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the picturesque landscapes at Galena Lodge or reveling in the intimate setting of The Valley Club. Our team understands the importance of choosing the perfect venue and is dedicated to preserving those precious moments. With an artful approach to storytelling, we specialize in documenting the natural beauty surrounding iconic Sun Valley wedding locations, ensuring your photos reflect the unique character of your celebration.

Trust us to seamlessly blend with the ambiance of your chosen venue, creating a visual narrative that preserves the romance and emotion of your Sun Valley wedding day. Contact us to discuss how our expertise can enhance your wedding photography, turning your cherished moments into timeless memories against the backdrop of Sun Valley's finest venues.